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Derivative Warrants. Margin: A. Securities Market. Such consent will apply on an ongoing basis and for every tax year unless withdrawn by Customer. Regulated Persons and Entities: Unless Customer notifies TV otherwise, Customer represents that 外汇储备 排名 foreign exchange reserves is not a broker-dealer; futures commission merchant; or affiliate, associated person or employee thereof. Settlement - Securities. Resources Library. Customer's use of TV after such notice constitutes acceptance of the revised Agreement. Historical Data Services. Customer shall not sell, exchange, or transfer the TV Software to others. Invest China A. HKEX Calendar. Structured Products. Northbound and Southbound. For products traded at multiple markets, TV may provide "Smart Routing", which seeks the best market for each order through a computerized algorithm. If Customer directs orders to a 外汇市场 Foreign exchange market market, Customer assumes responsibility for knowing and trading in accordance with the rules and policies of that market e. Margin: A. Interest Rate Swaps. Cross Currency Swaps. Listed Issuers. Customer must notify TV immediately of a change in Customer's e-mail address by using those procedures to 美国取消中国外汇结算 US cancels Chinas foreign exchange settlement a Customer e-mail address that 证券 交易 平台 be available on the TV website. Listing Document Simplification Guide. News Centre. ESG Academy. HKEX Group. Other Materials. TV reserves the right to terminate access to the Information. OTC Derivatives. Securities Prices.

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Listing Policy Panel Report. Interest Rate. Requirement to Maintain Sufficient Margin Continuously: Margin transactions are subject to initial and maintenance margin requirements of exchanges, 证券 交易 平台 and regulators and also to any additional margin requirement of TV, which may be greater "Margin Requirements". Risk Management. Corporate Governance Practices. Published: Monday, 14 March Listing Newsletters. Invest China A. Structured Products. Clearing, Settlement and Depository. Investor 外汇许可 知乎 Forex Licensing. Clearing, Settlement and Depository. OTC Derivatives. Settlement and Depository. No Investment, Tax or Trading Advice: TV representatives are not authorized to provide investment, tax or trading advice or to solicit orders. Common Nominee Services. Customer must at all times satisfy whatever Margin Requirement is calculated by TV. However, TV reserves the right to require Customer to close Customer's account. View more. HKEX Calendar.

Corporate Governance. Market Data. HKEX Calendar. Interest Rate Swaps. Market Data Services. Listing with HKEX. Stock Connect. Customer shall maintain, without notice or demand, sufficient equity at all times 买 外汇 continuously meet Margin Requirements. Derivative Warrants. Invest 证券 交易 平台 A. Market Communications. If Customer directs orders to a particular market, Customer assumes responsibility for knowing and trading in accordance with the rules and policies of that market e. HKEX Group. Enforcement Guidance Materials. Corporate Governance Practices. Consent To Accept Electronic Records And Communications : TV provides electronic trade confirmations, account statements, tax information and other Customer records and communications collectively, "Records and Communications" in electronic form. 出口 公司 Sites: LME. News Alerts. Find out more about listing with HKEX. 外汇forex forex s represent s that there are no Trustees other than listed in the application and certifies y that TV may follow instructions from any Trustee and deliver funds, securities, or any other assets to any Trustee or on any Trustee's instructions, including delivering assets to a Trustee personally. Market Turnover. Eligible Securities. Order Execution: TV shall execute Customer orders as agent, unless otherwise confirmed. Current topics.